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人类城市的起源.现状及危害!城者城洞.城池.城堡也!它是早期人类栖身之所又 防御毒虫猛兽袭击之所或抵御其他部落族群攻击之所也,由于所有人都需要安 身立命之地,城池城堡也就越建越大,尤其是进入封建暴政皇权时代又建设更大 更坚固的皇宫用来防止全国人民的复仇群起围攻!结果都是徒劳的!一次有一次 的改朝换代!一场又一场的血腥屠杀等等,这就是与人民为敌的结果!事态稍有好 转,人数越来越多,那么其食物.衣物及其它生活必需品的需求也越多,由于人类智 慧文明的进步,城池城堡越建越牢固和人类冲突袭击现象的减少,生活必需品需 求量的增多,人们就大量的采集和加工来进行货物的等价交换之贸易活动开始 频繁,因此城池城堡也就慢慢的变成了生活品的集散之地亦集市市场,城池城堡 也就自动的变成了城池和集市结合体也就是今天人类社会的城市,而人类社会 今天的城市功能全是为了生活得变了形的舒适.豪华丰盛与奢侈的挥霍!而城市 的数量和规模越来越大越来越乱越来越多,而那些拥有公权力的城市开发建设 的规划者,一是为了规划建设自己的腰包所谓的招商引资就是在为自己招才进 宝!二是规划建设自己的脱逃路线或者上层路线!而绝大多数的开发商和投资商 都是些鼠目寸光暴利敛财没文化甚至连起码的教养都没有的奸商.恶商!想想看, 一旦那些拥有公权力的规划开发建设城市的贪官.污吏和蛀虫与奸商.恶商勾结 在了一起,这五种剧毒的五毒分子能干出什么来?可以肯定说这邦畜牲为了自己 的利益敢冒天下之大不违几千万公顷的大肆抢占优质耕地来铺天盖地的建造垃 圾城!毒工厂!而一座座清清楚楚明明白白高高耸立在全球范围的豆腐渣工程那 就不用说了,原本单纯的人类城市功能其实早在几千年前就已经变成了争权夺 利.暴利敛财.滋生邪恶的集散地,而今天文明智慧人类社会的城市里所具备的功 能公然更加的阴险邪恶,如;大众传媒之电视媒体居然天天都在公开播放具有欺 骗.敲诈甚至伤害人类的假冒伪劣甚至有害.毒害的商业广告!城市中的金融机构, 如;股票证券交易皆为瞬间敛财机构,所有银行兼理财皆为定期敛财或瞬间敛财 行为,所有期货交易市场皆定期或者瞬间敛财行为,如;国内某航空公司损失了期 货航油多少亿?等等,不一一列举,然而,这一切一切皆城市惹的祸,用句名言形容 的话那可真是“城市不足,败世有余(鱼)且条条皆大鱼又大鱼吃小鱼小鱼吃虾米, 虾米啃滥泥…如今进入现代文明虽不至于封建皇权暴政压迫人民!但全球范围的 总统府!总理府!数不清的省府!洲府!区府!市府!县府!乡府!村府甚至世界第一县 衙!世界第一村府等等,加上全球几十亿人都竞相效仿!请问; 地球上还有多少优 质肥沃的耕地供人类大肆的挥霍???肮脏邪恶愚蠢的漂亮的城市!漂亮的楼房!漂 亮城市内漂亮楼房里的人都是反季节的! The origin of human city. The present situation and the harm! City city hole. The city. The castle also! It is early human shelter and defense of the dragon of poisonous insect attack or attacks against other tribes also, because everyone need to inconvenience, the bigger the city castle was built, especially into the era of the feudal imperial power of tyranny and to build larger, more solid palace used to prevent the revenge of the national people's rise siege! The result is in vain! A one time change! A and a bloody massacre, etc., this is the results against the people! Things a bit better, people more and more, so the food. The demand of the clothes and other necessities are, the more due to the progress of human civilization, the city castle built more and more strong and fewer attacks human conflict, increasing demand for daily necessities, people have a lot of acquisition and processing trade for goods of equivalent exchange began to frequent, therefore the city castle also slowly into the shoulders and distributing land market market, also the city castle will automatically into the city and market combination, that is, the city of human society today, and the urban function of the human society today is all to changed the shape of a comfortable life. Rich and luxurious luxury splurge! While the number and size of cities growing more and more and more, and those with public power of city development and construction of planners, one is for the sake of planning and construction so-called investment promotion and capital introduction is in your pocket to recruit only up chunks! 2 it is planning to build their own escape route or upper route! And the vast majority of developers and investment are was some short term profits have no culture, there's even no education at least profiteer. Bad business! Think of it, once those with public power planning development and construction of the city's corrupt officials. And moths and profiteers. Evil business collude together, the five kinds of poisonous ruling molecules capable of what? To be sure that this bond beast dare the world for their own benefit not violations of tens of millions of hectares of considerable quality of arable land to a frenzy of construction garbage city! Poison factory! The past clearly clearly stand high in the global scope of shoddy construction that is needless to say, originally pure human urban functions in fact as early as in thousands of years ago has become a simmering. Profiteering fundraising. Breeding evil distribution center, the wisdom of human society civilization city today has the function of the more insidious evil openly, such as; Mass media of the TV media in open play everyday with cheating. Blackmail even injure a human being fake or even harmful. Poison commercials! The city's financial institutions, such as; Stock trading securities are instantaneous accumulate their institutions, all banking and finance for regular calls or instant fundraising behavior, all futures trading market on a regular basis or instantaneous fundraising behavior, such as; A domestic airlines lost how many million futures fuel? And so forth, to name a list, however, all this is all the fault of the city of, use words to describe it is \"the city is insufficient, the a pain (fish) and then, the big fish eat small fish are big fish small fish eat shrimp, shrimp on excessive mud... now into the modern civilization is not the feudal imperial tyranny oppressive! But the global scope of the presidential palace. The chancellery! Countless capital! State house! Area mansion! City! Apart! Township government! Village house and even the world first XianYa! The world no.1 village house, etc., with billions of people around the world are racing to emulate! Excuse me, how much on earth fertile farmland quality for human profligate deployment of??? The dirty evil stupid beautiful city! Beautiful buildings! Beautiful beautiful buildings in the city are out!
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